Club websites with the power of Teamo

A customised and responsive website for your club, fully integrated with Teamo and controlled from the app.

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A modern website powered by Teamo for an active and connected web presence

Link your calendar and events

Incorporate your teamo calendar for members and vistors to see when events are on, including fixtures, training times and social events. Go deeper into events to see important information and explore more within specific team pages.

Manage headlines directly from the app

With the tap of a button in the app, headline features can be published, making it simple to create new content and stay active online for vistors. When nothing is pushed to the highlights, default links to things like ‘club shop’ will fill the space.

“Being able to maintain fresh content on the website from within the app will make my life so much easier”

webmaster, Team bath buccaneers

Handing you extensive control through the convenience of the app

The webmaster will maintain conclusive control over all content on the site.

From results and fixtures, to upcoming social events and top news articles, any content can be featured on the main highlights carousel quickly and simply with a few taps in the club’s Teamo app.

Keeping an active website with regular content updates has never been so easy.

Keep your site active and attractive to potential new members



A team captain creates content in the app. With one tap in the app, they can request it to be featured by the webmaster.



The webmaster approves the request in the app, scheduling for how long the content is to remain as a featured story.



The content is published as a feature on the TeamoSite, allowing guests to quickly see it and access more information about it.

Store important club information & documents

Maintain all of your other important club information and news on your site alongside the integrated parts. On committee pages, users are able to message relevant people securely via Teamo, rather than having to publish personal email addresses.

Update visitors with regular news articles

Increase your web presence with a news section in your TeamoSites for match reports, club stories and any other content you want. Update your news as regularly as you like and push them to the highlights on the homepage when you want to.

75% of people base credibility by a website

How to increase the credibility of your club with TeamoSites

  • Easily keep your content fresh
  • Have a beautifully designed website
  • Ensure it is fully responsive on all devices
  • Have a call-to-action easily accessible

The techy stuff...

Protect your SEO with page transfer

Following SEO best practices, when you build your site with Teamo you will be asked to enter the current url of any content you are transferring. Teamo will publish a redirect map telling Google the new location of your content so your search ranking is maintained.

Social sharing images for every page

High resolution social images are generated for all pages including teams, fixtures, results, news and events. Getting professional looking content onto social media is easier than ever!

Modern integrated calendar

Fixtures, results and event information is powered directly from your club's Teamo calendar. Make edits in the app to an event (e.g. match time) and the corresponding webpages will be automatically updated.

Start stress-free management of your club and teams