Stay fit.
Track activity.
Keep connected.
Teamo FitLeague allows you to stay connected by sharing your physical activity with your team.

Staying committed to fitness goals can be a challenge, especially when you are not surrounded by your teammates.

Teamo FitLeague is designed to bring everyone together and be a reason to keep working hard. You can track your own progress and see how you compare on the leaderboard to stay motivated when you know others are making the effort too.

Teamo FitLeague is ideal for...
Social distancing
Stay fit and keep in-touch with the team, even when you can’t meet
The off-season
Encourage everyone to keep up fitness levels ahead of a new season
Healthy competition to strengthen the team bond and support personal wellbeing
In a time when mental and physical well-being is being tested across the globe, Teamo FitLeague is the perfect tool to keep your team MOTIVATED, CONNECTED and FEELING GOOD.
Track your data

Connect your activity tracker (app or device) to Teamo FitLeague and start automatically syncing your data.

Steps and active minutes are both recorded so you can track all activity e.g. cycling, running, circuits.

Top the leaderboard

Everyone loves some friendly competition and sometimes it’s all that’s needed to help individuals reach their fitness goals.

With a team leaderboard for steps and active minutes, you can crown a winner for both at the end of the week - you can even add an extra incentive such as winning prizes!

Connect the team

With FitLeague, you can keep up on what your teammates are up to.

It’s a fun way to engage your players and maintain a sense of team camaraderie when you can’t be together whilst encouraging and motivating them to stay fit at the same time.

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