Shop, save and support your club

Effortless club fundraising with TeamoRewards generating funds for your club every time a club member shops online.

Once activated deals automatically appear on over 250,000 websites. Fundraising has never been so simple.

Activate TeamoRewards

Drive fundraising through your members spending habits with the TeamoRewards feature

The Club

An average of 4% of the purchase is available to clubs when their members shop at participating retailers. A club with 200 members will on average raise £10,000/year.

Potential to effortlessly raise


Club Members

Feel good shopping and easy-to-use discount codes on over 250,000 retailers to save on their shopping and fundraise for their club every time they buy online.

Users can buy online in their regular browser without having to go into Teamo to still get the benefits of TeamoRewards.

How to fundraise with TeamoRewards

Once activated by a club admin easily in the app, you can notify your members to set up their TeamoRewards extension on their browser and start their feel good shopping.


Club members set up the TeamoRewards extension on their mobile device and continue to shop online as normal.


TeamoRewards automatically delivers discount codes, giving members savings on their purchases at over 250,000 retailers.


TeamoRewards takes the cashback from the transaction and distributes it back to the club to effortlessly raise funds.

“Teamo aims to put £1m into club pockets in 2023”

John Nurse, Teamo CEO

Tracking your club’s fundraising progress in Teamo

  • Immediate reporting in Teamo
  • Inter-club fundraising leaderboards
  • Quarterly payouts directly to the clubs accounts

How your members will shop...

After installing the TeamoRewards extension, members can start to shop as normal and funds will begin to filter back into the club without any extra work for club admins.

It’s a simple way for club admins and members to raise money for their club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see how much I've raised?

There will be a totaliser in your teamo app to track your fundraising.

How do I get members to use it?

Once your club have activated TeamoRewards, prompt your members in the app to start using the feature.

Is TeamoRewards available on all devices?

TeamoRewards is now available on mobile and as a Chrome extension on desktop. 74% of all online sales are made via a mobile channel (Statista) so TeamoRewards is optimised for mobile browsers and is also available as a Chrome desktop extension. With Chrome covering 67% of the desktop market, giving TeamoRewards 91.5% market coverage.

Can family and friends use the feature?

Your members will be able to allocate family and friends to use the extensions to increase revenue for the club.

When do we get the money?

Settled funds are paid quarterly, (due to allowing for product returns etc, earned cashback may take upto 28 days to settle). We intend to shorten the payout time once the system is fully automated.

WIN £250

TeamoRewards is handing out £250 to the two clubs with the most TeamoRewards activations.

Simply activate TeamoRewards in your app and notify your members to sign up. As soon as they download the extension to their browser, your activations will start counting towards the competition.

Start stress-free management of your club and teams