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Posted on November 24th 2021 by Joe Chomet

What's New: November 2021 Product Updates

Following another busy month of club sport, we've been listening to clubs to find out what features you want. We've now got more product updates to announce to help you and your club!

NEW: Payment Center - Product Filter

You can now filter the Payment Center by product. This means you can understand exactly how many of one particular membership has been assigned, paid and not paid. With this new tool, it will be much easier to keep on top of groups that may have multiple memberships allocated to them! To use the filter, just head to the Payment Center and you'll find the "Filter" button in the top right. You can include any amount of products at once. Just remember to unselect any previously filtered products before filtering for new ones.

NEW: Add and Remove Admins

Adding and removing admin users can now be done by an existing admin. Simply go to the Member's Center on desktop > click on the member you wish to add/remove as an admin > click on the three dots in the top corner of the right hand side menu > select 'make/revoke admin'. Depending on your package level, adding an admin may cause you to go over your package allowance of admins. Don't worry, we won't charge you any extra without speaking to you first!

NEW: Instalment Payment Receipts

Members will now get email receipts to let them know that any instalment payments have been made, meaning members won't be surprised when they see money has left their account. If the member is a junior, their guardian will also receive a copy of the receipt.

That's all for this month, along with the usual small bug fixes. But keep an eye out for some very exciting announcements in the new year, which we can't wait to tell you all about!

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