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Posted on December 23rd 2021 by Ollie Carr-Hill

Not Another One Boris: Lockdown 4.0?

Covid has once again exploded in the UK. The new Omicron variant has increased cases by 500% in London alone and it is looking likely that Boris will revert to his original thinking that what the people need is another lockdown. If this does happen; people will be cut off from others, whether it is friends or family and times will be tough.

Here at Teamo we want to try and help you out. Whether Boris follows through with another lockdown or not; we have some ideas on how to get through the next few weeks and prepare for the next half of the season.

Worst Case Scenario: Lockdown 4.0

The worst case scenario is that Boris decides to enforce a two week lockdown starting on December 27th, the rules of which will most likely follow from previous lockdowns and we will once again be limited to meeting friends and family outside.

The time between Christmas and the New year is consistently bizarre. There is a lack of structure on how to fill your time. Half the people you know are slowly recovering from their massive food comas and slowly emerging from their second hangover in as many days, whilst the other half are trekking up and down the country to visit loved ones. Some people even try to plan ahead and make 2022 their year by starting to organize a plethora of activities for themselves to jump into.

  • Teamo suggests that you use this time to organise a small and low-key social event with your teammates. Get your manager or captain to create an event and head off for a team walk! It gets you out of the house and you can show off the presents that you were so excited to get and also laugh about the ones you were not so keen on receiving.
  • This then allows you and the team to conform to Boris' restrictions and have a nice afternoon with your team away from the pitch. It also is a perfect time to check in on each other.
  • If there are not any restrictions placed, you can always go to grab a drink half-way round, or plan to stop and watch some sport that will be going on over the festive period. Have a look at our guide of what to watch if you need some inspiration.

Best Case Scenario: no Lockdown!

Hopefully, we will not be put in another lockdown situation and people can visit friends and family throughout the festive time. If this is the case, make sure you stay fit and healthy ready to return to the second half of the season with a BANG.

  • Even if no new measures are introduced, proceeding with caution is highly advised.
  • Teamo suggests that you increase the number of training sessions and split groups in half. You can limit training numbers through editing the event to ensure it is COVID safe! This then limits the number of people you come into contact with, decreasing your chances of getting Covid. (It will also prevent the whole team from getting Covid at the same time!)
  • One idea that to keep your team safe is to set-up Teamo PlaySafe. This allows you to scan each location where you train or play, allowing the club to easily track who has and has not visited each location. This makes it easy to let your friends know if you might have had close-contact with someone with the virus.
  • FitLeague can be introduced to each team, this allows for some healthy competition on who stays the most active over the break. Everyone knows that they need to keep moving and the performance table in the app will highlight who has and hasn't done their cardio. Our friends over at Sportplan have some ideas on how to keep your fitness up, have a look at what Matt has to say by looking at his blog.

From all of us at Teamo, we hope you have a great time over this festive season and are looking forward to the next half of the season as much as we are here!

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